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Some Directive - Requestive Genre Types
Problem Statement—text that describes a writing/thinking task in terms that explicitly identify goals to accomplish, constraints to respect, and resources to employ.
Proposal—text proposing a specific plan for a text to be written or action to be performed, detailed enough to specify how the author intends to carry out the project.
Recommendation—text that considers various options, evaluates how well they will suit the purposes at hand, and recommends one as most likely to accomplish the intended goals.
Procedure/Method—text that presents information about how to perform an action, organized as a series of directions; possibly elaborated by explanations of why individual steps are needed to achieve the goal.
Case Study—text that presentats a specific case or situation as an illustration of how particular methods can be applied.
Manual—text that synthesizes multiple procedures for achieving goals with a given tool or method, guiding the reader on how to proceed under various circumstances.

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