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Some Interpretive Genre Types
Synopsis—text that succinctly presents plot of a narrative in one’s own words.
Reader Response—text that presents a subjective reaction to another text, focused on the thoughts and feelings that the text produces in the reader.
Commentary—text that explains the story told in a narrative. It contains more than personal response or plot synopsis, as it elaborates explicitly on story elements and their significance.
Summary—text that presents a strictly objective summary of someone else’s text in one’s own words.
Annotation—text written in the form of discrete comments on an existing document, focused on clarifying, correcting, elaborating, and/or reacting to the informaion presented.
Explication—text that explains the content of an existing informational document, explicitly stating originally implicit information and connecting it to or synthesizing it with previous knowledge.
Rhetorical Analysis—text that explains how an author achieves his or her rhetorical purposes.

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