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Some Narrative Genre Types
Narration—text that presents a story with full attention to plot, character, motivation, and other elements necessary to create a satisfying story arc.
Interpretive Account—extended text that explains the actions and communications of agents (whether in a story or a real world situation) by applying a system for analyzing underlying reasons and motivations. Typically accounts for manner (how things are communicated) not just matter (what was done).
Illustrative account (including parables and similar literary types)—text that tells a story not for its own sake but because it implicitly illustrates or exemplifies more general principles.
Literary Analysis—text that draws on one or more literary sources (from an author, genre, school, time period, etc.) and presents a coherent general picture of how one or more texts should be interpreted.
Description – text that systematically presents specific details about an entity or situation
Anecdote – short narrative that tells a story for effect or amusement

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